Pigtail Repair Kits Contain The Following Pre-Wired Connectors

  • Main Transmission Connector
  • Speed Sensor Connectors
  • Retarder Solenoid Connector (if applicable)
  • Retarder Temperature Sensor Connector (if applicable)
  • Accumulator (Air) Solenoid Connector (if applicable)
  • TCM Terminal


  • Pigtail repair kits installed in 2.5 hours or less
  • Eliminates intermittent wiring shorts or opens to transmission
  • Wires are labeled with wire number, TCM pin number, transmission pin number and wire description
  • Eliminates the need for multiple test drives to isolate wiring shorts or opens
  • Uses Allison wire color code
  • Kit includes pigtail wiring schematic and instruction sheet
  • Increases billable hours, reduces comebacks